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Savitrek Document / Permit holder Blue A4 Full clear PVC front Hi Vis Reflective all weather proof for safety first Tuffa mining construction military warehouse industry in field and portal marine electrical area industries with Velcro & eyelets Australian made

About Us.

Savitrek manufactures multi-Purpose safety products.

Improving Safety is our passion, whether it be wearing our reflective life Bands while walking or bike riding or using our multi-purpose blanket for Leisure, Safety and Survival.

Having years of experience working in the Mining, Civil and Construction Industries, we understand the needs of the modern workplace. The Products we Manufacture are made to help in the daily activities and operations of an efficient and safe Workplace.

Made in Australia and made to last.

Let us help in your workplace.

Logos, customisation, bulk orders – we will work with you.

Our Mission.

To make a difference, through safety at work and home.

What We Do.

  • We manufacture all our products in Australia.
  • We buy all our Materials through Australian Suppliers.
  • We work with our clients to make sure all products suit their needs.
  • Reach out to us via email or phone to discuss your specific needs.
  • Together we can all make a difference.
  • Company Branding is available on all products.

Absolutely one of a kind.

After creating a popular personal insulation product for the outdoors and camping, SAVITREK has now developed a useful and unique range of goods to be used in the Mining and Construction industries.

We specialise in Hi-Vis and wearable Safety products for the Mining, Construction, Building, Manufacturing & Transport Industries. The range began with the innovative SAVITREK Branded ‘Patent Pending’, multi-purpose blanket, and we now have an extended range of useful additional products such as our Hi-Vis Pole Wrap, Light Vehicle Flags, All-Weather Document Holders, and More.

SAVITREK the brand is a family-owned Queensland-based business founded in 2018 by Marvin de Mendonca. We created products that we discovered a real need for. The first unique product was the multi-purpose Blanket that has become in demand for Campers, Hikers, and general Outdoor use.

All SAVITREK Products are 100% money-back guarantee of satisfaction (see our Return Policy)

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