Safety Door Stop Yellow Fire Retardant Hi Vis


Savitrek Safety Door Stop Yellow Fire Retardant Hi Vis with a strong webbing carry strap. Reflective, all weatherproof to safely use in a tuffa environment, mining, military, or any heavy industry. Fire retardant to comply with insurance audits.

Also, with 50mm Velcro fixing flap & a 25mm FR Velcro to keep in the gravel or rocks up to 5kg. Bright yellow with a Hi-vis stripe so they won’t be tripped over.

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For use in Sub Stations, Control Rooms, and Plantrooms. With auto closure doors can be a pain when bringing in equipment or materials, eliminating the use of chairs and ropes to keep the doors open. Store with your LV rescue kit for when the auto closure doors need to be kept open. The empty Doorstop can also be used as a tool bag with specific tools for a specific job.

Australian made heavy duty PVC for our Australian conditions, for all Australian Industries made by the hands of Australians. We have all custom options available in colours, size, styles, personalisation with Company logos in any colour in any type of PVC or Canvas, company slogans, individualised numbering for different jobs situations and tools for that person or department and colour coding. The list is endless. This Doorstop comes COMPLETELY FIRE RETARDANT & CERTIFIED TESTED TO FAR 23.853 STANDARDS.

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