Dispatch and delivery of products to retailer

1.1. Savitrek will dispatch all “in stock” Products within a reasonable time of receipt of a Purchase Order being placed in the quantity and to the place specified by the Retailer in the Purchase Order.

1.2. The Purchaser is responsible for all delivery costs associated with the transport of the Products and must provide to Savitrek any accounts with shipping companies or any other method of payment.

1.3. Unless otherwise agreed, the method of delivery will be by road transport.

1.4. The Purchaser has no right of action against Savitrek for any loss suffered by reason of any delay in delivery caused by / contributed to by (but not limited to) shortage of stock, delays in transit or delays caused by accidents or strikes.

1.5. Non-delivery of Products must be reported immediately. Savitrek provides no warranty for any lost Products and all invoices remain due and payable. The Purchaser indemnifies Savitrek from any loss that Savitrek incurs from any and all lost Products.